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Community Helpers

MISSION: To find needs in the community and do what we can to help 


Food Donations 

COVID-19 impacted everyone, in our community it was evident that some people were going days without food, which is why one of our projects since 2020 has been delivering and donating food to Mobile Hope.  



Dear Creativ Gives, 


The Raj Khalsa Gurdwara sevadar group is extremely grateful for all the grocery donations you have provided for families in need during the pandemic. From the early days of the pandemic. Creativ Gives has consistently donated groceries that has fed hundreds of families throughout the DMV area. We sincerely thank Creativ Gives for the wonderful support and generous donations. 



Raj Khalsa Gurdwara Sevadars

Textbook Collections

School can be expensive, school supplies, clothes, technology, backpacks, books, and so much more. This recent project collects used textbooks to then provide free textbooks for children. Spread the knowledge! 

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