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Lab Rats

MISSION: Working to motivate young students to be interested in STEM through interactive and in depth STEM lessons. 

STEM education is especially valuable in our growing technological world that relies on creativity and innovation. Our organization is focused on introducing children to a variety of topics in the STEM field in a interactive but comprehensive way. Thus, we value the importance of experimenting and understanding how systems work to inspire children’s creativity. 

Below, you can find pictures from previous events, upcoming events, and contact information to reach out to us! 


Project poster from Step Up Loudoun Competition - Place top 10 team, and won prize money for organization 

Who Are We?


From Left to Right: Sonia Sadani, Swina Patel, and Krisha Mathur 

We are three HIgh School Students who hope to motivate young students to dive deeper into STEM topics. We ourselves love learning about science, technology, math, and engineering and we want to spread our passion. 

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